As time goes on, digital marketing evolves.

What might have worked for SEO fifteen years ago may not work so well anymore. It makes sense – search engines’ algorithms like to keep websites on their toes!

That might make you wonder, is link building still worth it? Sure, it may have increased your ranking a few years ago, but are the results still the same in 2022?

Yes – Link Building is Still Crucial for SEO

Link building in 2022 is just as important as ever. You can increase organic traffic to your website, generate leads, and increase your sales by link building. So if you have a digital marketing plan, link building should certainly be a part of it.

There have been some changes to link building over the years, though.

While it is still important to do it, you should think more about the quality of your links. Google favours certain links above others, and by including spammy links, you could harm your ranking.

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How to Get it Right

So, how do you get it right? If you can’t just stick to the same old link-building techniques that you always used, what type of links should you use?

You need to appeal to the algorithm and focus on high-quality backlinks. It’s all about quality over quantity. Below is how you should go about building links for SEO in 2022.

Is Link Building Still Important?

High-quality Backlinks

As mentioned, high-quality backlinks are the focus of link building in 2022. What makes a backlink better than another, though? There are a few components of a high-quality backlink:

. High Authority
. Relevant
. Non-reciprocal

When you choose backlinks, choose high-authority, relevant links. Google doesn’t like reciprocal links, either, as think can come across as inauthentic and unnatural.

Think of it like Google grading your links. The higher you score on their test, the better. You need high authority, relevant, and trustworthy backlinks to score high. They likely won’t help your SEO strategy if they don’t tick those boxes. Some might even actively harm it.

Another thing to remember is that search engines like social media links. Therefore, social media websites receive a lot of traffic, so if you can get social media backlinks, then you should.

Create Excellent Content

If you want to incorporate better links into your website’s content, one way of doing so is by creating excellent content. Google prefers high-quality content, as this increases your credibility.

So, if you write high-quality content and include natural, relevant links, you can rank higher while improving your website’s navigation.

Use an SEO Agency

A successful link-building strategy is challenging to achieve on your own.

If you want to up your link-building game in 2022, an SEO agency that know what they are doing is the answer. You can make the most of their expertise by enjoying higher rankings while they seek out better-quality links.

Link building is just as important in 2022 as it was before.

It may even be more crucial now.

What has changed, though, is which links are preferred by search engine algorithms. So focus on quality links, and get the most out of your link-building strategy.

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