Social Media Research

Researching and identifying market potential is the bedrock of any social media campaign and plays a vital part in getting results from any social media activity.

Delivering Social Media Results

Any good social media marketing campaign starts with effective, deep-diving research into your audience and competitors. This is an essential step at the start of any strategy to ensure that content is designed around your key customer profiles.

We will look into key social media platforms, user habits, existing social media data (if you have it), and design a strategy that uses this information to maximise your return on investment.

Social media platforms
and channels

Research starts here by looking at your existing presence online and identifying key channels to match your business goals.

User persona and

Next we will work with you to identify your ideal customer by building user persona's to ensure we target the right audience.

Design & match
quality content

Now we know which platforms and user profiles to target we will design a content strategy that engages them for maximum ROI.

Review, test,
publish, repeat

As part of the bigger social media campaign you will now have a robust process of defined user targeting to achieve your business goals.

Lets start your social media research project

Discover how we approach social media from the research phase through to implementation and delivery of a full social media strategy. Alternatively, get in contact today to discuss any questions you may have.

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